Monday, October 18, 2010

C # Learning Notes (April 5)

The benefits of using the name space

u program code can be scattered in multiple files
u name space with scalability
u can pile up the hierarchical structure of classes
Guidelines for use of the name space
u are the logical group to use PascalCasing
u proposed use of top-level company name or brand name
u due to complex namespace
Do not u the name of the namespace and class as

Class is the basic unit of encapsulation of data and also to the smallest unit of reuse. Object is the class of entities, which describe the object class is the way in memory.

The main purpose of the data package, data and methods into a single element, and to control data access. C # offers five modifiers public, private, protected, internal, protected internal members to control visibility.
Name space is a C # program elements, to organize C # program. Also used different sets of code to solve the problem of conflict between the names.

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